Our Mission

Real CBD. Simplified©️

At it is simple what we are doing; 100% Legitimately and with Transparency  - to provide our customers with the best quality, highest purity and top potency, Hemp-Derived Products on the market today.


We only offer highly accredited, lab certified and the most well-known brands and products on the market at the best possible pricing. (We Do Price Match and in larger wholesale customers we can provide a 10% price match reduction).

Every product or brand goes through rigorous testing to ensure it is a product we would use ourselves and sell to our customers.

All lab reports and certificates of analysis (COA) must be updated every 90 days or upon new batches to remain compliant with our high standards of providing our customers with the best Hemp-Derived CBD Products on the market.

This not only includes potency testing, but we require all brands to provide a full workup including pesticides, heavy metals, and biological processing, so you know exactly what is in the CBD you purchase.

Our Mission is your Satisfaction. We Take The Guesswork Out of Purchasing Hemp-Derived, High Quality CBD Products By Only Building Relationships with Brands That Meet Our Strict Quality Control Requirements & Ensuring The Company’s Credibility Aligns with our Values.

Our Core Values All Comes down to you; our Customers.

We have worked (And Continue to Refine Our Procedures) especially hard to ensure we only establish business relationships with companies that have the same core values as us since 2009.  We have never let the importance of those values surpass our objectives. The entire organization is built upon you. By providing Customer Lifecycle Management, Product Enrichment and Taxonomy through accessibility, Affordability and 100% Transparency.  We are not looking to have the most brands or the largest selection of products online. However, to the contrary, we do carry the largest selection of CBDR Verified Products.

CBDR Verified? We only work with Real Hemp & CBD Companies that truly care about their customers and have a passion for providing legitimate products that are not only safe, but truly provide you with the relief you’re looking for. Every brand & product At CBDR, Not only do we validate the products we provide, however, we validate the companies we work with. Every brand and product goes through rigorous testing and validation to ensure the products and ultimately the companies that manufacture them are strategic business partners. We only align ourselves with accredited and professional organizations that we have worked with for years and when onboarding new brands, we not only validate the products, but we ensure the companies have the same core values we do. Accessibility, Affordability, Transparency & You.

Your Satisfaction is Our Number 1 Priority

 Taking The Guesswork Out of Buying CBD By Only Partnering With Brands That Meet Our Strict Quality Control Requirements & Having Updated Lab Certifications Visible On All Products.