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  • This is the sole hybrid cartridge in the Naturally Peaked selection, and is the perfect strain if you want a mix of indica and sativa effects. This cartridge works well for those who desire pain relief but still need to be on top of their mental game throughout the day. A tasty cartridge, sweet, berry flavors shine through with Blue Dream. Naturally Peaked 100% Organic CBD Vape Pod. 250MG of CBD per Pod. Each Package Contains 1 Vape Pod
  • Another excellent indica that combines the best of the Grapefruit and Grape Ape strains, Zkittles has a potent relaxing effect and is therefore excellent for chronic pain, and neuropathic pain – the latter in particular thanks to the rapid delivery of cannabinoids that you get with cartridges. Also try Zkittles if you have insomnia, high stress levels or depression. Naturally Peaked 100% Organic CBD Vape Pod. 250MG of CBD per Pod. Each Package Contains 1 Vape Pod
  • Another soothing indica-dominant cartridge, Watermelon is effective for those who are feeling stressed out by life and unable to relax. This strain has antidepressant effects, and will leave you feeling happy while still in full mental control.If you suffer from both pain and inflammation, then the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this cartridge work in tandem to bring you relief. The sweet and tropical notes of Watermelon are great if you like your vape juice to have a fruity punch. Naturally Peaked 100% Organic CBD Vape Pod. 250MG of CBD per Pod. Each Package Contains 1 Vape Pod
  • Classed as an indica, Gelato is really effective for stress and anxiety, producing relaxing and mood-enhancing benefits. The uplifting nature of this strain may also give you a creativity spark. Like all indicas, Gelato can be used to combat pain and may also be helpful for treating headaches. Naturally Peaked 100% Organic CBD Vape Pod. 250MG of CBD per Pod. Each Package Contains 1 Vape Pod
  • This is an indica-dominant cartridge that is noted for having strong relaxation properties. The mood-boosting effects may be beneficial for those affected by depression, and the terpenes in this cartridge could also help to stimulate appetite.Seeking a natural sleeping aid? Then Tahoe OG might be the best cartridge for you in the Peaked range. This product is renowned for having a pungent, earthy and piney flavor. Naturally Peaked 100% Organic CBD Vape Pod. 250MG of CBD per Pod. Each Package Contains 1 Vape Pod
  • Another super sativa from Naturally Peaked, Clementine has a delicious, fruity taste, and is sure to leave you feeling clear-headed and mentally awake. To maximize the cognitive benefits of this cartridge, you may find it more prudent to only take low doses of CBD, as higher doses can make you sleepy. Naturally Peaked 100% Organic CBD Vape Pod. 250MG of CBD per Pod. Each Package Contains 1 Vape Pod
  • This is a famous strain, and the pre-filled cartridge from Naturally Peaked is one we are sure you will love if you enjoy sativa effects. The energizing properties of this e-liquid work a treat for those in a depressive slump, and are also therapeutic for fatigue – especially if it is affecting your cognitive functioning.As you would anticipate, Pineapple Express is loaded with sweet, fruity flavors that will make you keep coming back to this vape juice. Naturally Peaked 100% Organic CBD Vape Pod. 250MG of CBD per Pod. Each Package Contains 1 Vape Pod
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100% Legal Hemp Derived Organic CBD


100% Organic CBD Vape Pod. 250MG of CBD per Pod. Each Package Contains 1 Vape Pod. 

Please Note: Due to Environmental Factors such as Heat or Pressure, we cannot ship any orders containing pods overnight or two day air; only ground. Once received, if they are in the heat for too long they could start to leak.  We recommend keeping them at room temperature or in a cooler place. Leaving them in a hot area, such as your car, could also cause leaking especially in the warmer months.

Choose From:

  • Pineapple Express (S)
  • Clementine (S)
  • Blue Dream (H)
  • Gelato (I)
  • TahoeOG (I)
  • Zkittles (I)
  • Watermelon (I)
Strain Legend:
  • Sativa - (S)
  • Indica - (I)
  • Hybrid - (H)

What’s Included:

  • 1 x 250MG Individual Package Containing 1 Vape Pod

Full-Panel Lab Certification:Full-Panel Lab Certification

Benefits of Using MCT Oil: Click here for more information 

Vape Pods from Naturally Peaked Health Co.
You can now buy Naturally Peaked CBD vape pods individually! These delicious pre-filled pods contain a hefty 250mg of cannabidiol (CBD), infused into a 0.7ml e-liquid. This product is made with a combination of non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD), terpenes and refined coconut oil, and is compatible with the JUUL and OVNS vape pod systems, both of which are innovative electronic cigarettes.

Why these are the best pods to have in your vaping device, and the advantages of each compact pod. The seven flavors we currently have available are: Tahoe OG, Watermelon, Zkittles, Clementine, Gelato, Blue Dream and Pineapple Express.

Vape juice made with coconut oil and terpenes
Mixing terpenes with a CBD-isolate industrial hemp extract ensures that vapers still get the benefits of the whole plant, but none of the psychoactive side effects caused by THC. Meanwhile, coconut oil is a brilliant carrier oil to use for this vape juice, because of the potency boost that the MCTs (fatty acids) give to the CBD.

Compatible with the ultra portable JUUL: The main advantage of these vape pods is that they have been designed to work with the pocket size JUUL. This is the incredibly popular vape pen that was initially developed for nicotine users. However, brands like Naturally Peaked have started to make their own JUUL-compatible pods. Now, CBD vapers can get in on the JUUL fun, too.

Also works very well with the OVNS JC01: The OVNS is an excellent little vape that is compatible with Naturally Peaked pods, as well as official pods made by JUUL. This portable device has a shape not unlike a credit card. We have the OVNS available in many different colors on our store. Some find that the OVNS is more ergonomic and easier to hold than the JUUL.

General Peaked CBD pods effects: Vaping CBD is reported to have an impressive array of benefits for health. CBD can help to boost mental and physical wellbeing, and has more general value for health by regulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS). But each Naturally Peaked pod has been made with terpenes, which help to deliver potent relief from specific conditions. Some find that CBD pods are effective smoking cessation products. CBD is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or illness.

We have indica-dominant, sativa-dominant and hybrid pods from Naturally Peaked – let’s find out a little more about what each Flavor / Strain Benifits specific targeted problems.

Tahoe OG: This vape pod is rich with indica terpenes, and works a treat if you want an e-liquid that maximizes CBD’s relaxing effects, for sleep purposes or pain relief. Tahoe OG also has antidepressant properties which may be helpful if you are suffering from low mood or motivation.

Watermelon: Watermelon is the ideal indica-dominant CBD pod if you’re affected by stress and anxiety. The calming qualities of this vape juice will also help to improve your mood, and give you full mental clarity. The fruitiness of this pod makes it a delight to vape.

Zkittles: Try Zkittles if you want an indica-rich e-liquid that delivers relief from all types of pain (chronic, neuropathic and inflammatory). The flavor is somewhat fruity, and the effects are also beneficial for those suffering from insomnia and stress.

Clementine: Try this sativa-dominant vape pod if you need an e-juice that breaks the shackles of fatigue. The mental alertness this product provides is one of its most popular qualities, and it also has an antidepressant effect.

Gelato: This is an indica vape pod that has soothing properties, effective for inflammation, fibromyalgia, migraines and more. Some also experience a cognitive boost from Gelato, which could help if you find yourself lagging mentally. As always with indica strains, this pod is great for sleep, stress and anxiety.

Blue Dream: Try Blue Dream if you want a pod that offers the best of both. The sativa and indica combination means this e-juice is classed as a hybrid. It works well if you need pain relief, but don’t want to be overly sedated. This may apply if you experience pain during the day, but have an intense job that demands you to be physically active.

Pineapple Express: Another sativa from Naturally Peaked, Pineapple Express has a sweet, fruity taste and provides a lovely uplifting effect. Whether you’re struggling with fatigue, depression or just plain old mental fog, this vape pod can make a difference and get you enjoying life again.

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