The future of CBD meets the future of CBD Commerce. CBDResellers begins a strategic business relationship with Arise Bioscience, a subsidiary of Terrascend, a Canadian Cannabis Company

The future of CBD meets the future of CBD Commerce. CBDResellers begins a strategic business relationship with Arise Bioscience, a subsidiary of Terrascend, a Canadian Cannabis Company (CBDR) an ELU Distribution Company starts a strategic relationship with Arise Biosciences; the creators and owners of Original Hemp; a subsidiary of TerrAscend, a Canadian Cannabis Company; TerrAscend Corp. (CSE: TER;OTCQX: TRSSF). From an article on Business Insider, Dated April 11th, was on the cusp of it’s official launch. “With over five years of manufacturing and distribution of high quality CBD Products, I wanted to launch a web portal that is dedicated to providing legitimate CBD products," commented Matthew J. Leonard, Founder & CEO of the company. "With all of the current press around CBD Brands falsely stating potency and found to be containing pesticides, biological agents and in some cases dangerous chemicals, we not only require every brand to provide up-to-date Certified Lab Results, but we also require these brands to provide updated Certifications every 30-days. We want to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible CBD Products on the market and for them to feel comfortable knowing that these products are not only safe but are sold as advertised. The benefits of CBD are incredible and we are happy to help so many individuals. Every purchase is guaranteed and our site uses the highest possible encryption along with our partnership with Norton Purchase Protection." Every sale also comes with free domestic shipping.

With over 20 + years of technology and e-commerce expertise, both ELiquid Universe, Inc & MJLComputer, LLC, two companies under ELU Distribution founded and operated by Matthew J. Leonard, Founder & CEO.  Matthew Brings his 7th e-commerce Hemp Based website, now with an advanced B2C/B2B Enterprise CBD Portal with a very clear mission. Officially goes Live on April 26th. CBDR has since become a staple in the CBD E-commerce battlefront with its strict mission. Educating CBD Consumers on the benefits of using Highly Accredited CBD Brands that follow strict guidelines and requirements to meet Matthew’s high expectations; this ensures that CBDResellers’ Customers receive not only incredible speed, the highest security standards, PCI-DSS Standards, and Norton Shopping Guarantee which provides our customers the safest shopping experience. The presence of the Norton Shopping Guarantee seal indicates that this merchant's identity, reputation, experience, financial stability, and ability to honor their sales terms and conditions have been inspected and verified. The merchant is monitored daily to ensure they always deliver on their terms of sale, thus assuring you a safe online shopping experience. Free Shipping and a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Plus an Automated Returns Portal.

Our mission at is simple - to provide our customers with the best quality, highest purity and top potency of any other CBD products on the market today.  We only offer highly accredited, lab certified and the most well-known CBD brands and products on the market at the best possible pricing.  Every product or brand goes through rigorous testing to ensure it is a product we would use ourselves and sell to our customers.  All lab reports and certificates of analysis (COA) must be updated every 30 days to remain compliant with our high standards of providing our customers with the best CBD on the market.  This not only includes potency testing, but we require all brands to provide a full workup including pesticides, heavy metals, and biological processing, so you know exactly what is in the CBD you purchase.

Due to Original Hemp’s Quality and ultimately concluding their company’s commitment to high standards made the decision to finalize on-boarding simple. Matthew Stated “These are the types of companies that we look to build long term relationships with. Although they are hard to find, when we do find a company such as Arise Bioscience and find out that we not only share the same core values, however, we also share the same mission; educating consumers on how important it is to know what you’re putting in your body and how important it is to know that an industry would not exist if there weren’t people trying to exploit it. Unfortunately these are the times we live in. Due to the large amount of illegitimate businesses in our industry, it’s incredibly rewarding to know that we’re not alone. There are great companies that do truly care about their consumers and I couldn’t be more excited to offer our customers another brand that we stand behind.”

Original Hemp Brand by Arise Bioscience Now Available On

Each Original Hemp product was carefully crafted to address your unique needs. Whether that’s waking up energized, falling asleep peacefully, or getting through the day with less stress, Original Hemp was developed to give you a clear mindset, improve your well-being, and bring out the essential qualities
within you--your “best self.”


It’s our belief the future of hemp and our understanding of its effects on the body are unlimited. Our philosophy is to pair the highest quality whole plant CBD extracts with clinically studied supplements into unique doctor-formulated products which maximize cannabinoid absorption and provide next level benefits for your entire body.


Our process is simple. Go above and beyond in everything we do from ingredient sourcing to formulating, manufacturing, testing, and educating. We’re driven by the ultimate goal of bringing you the full line up of Original Hemp CBD products that will take your health journey to the next level. We seek to inspire holistic wellness by improving lives naturally. By harnessing the inherent power of cannabinoids and cutting-edge ingredients, Original Hemp was created to provide you with benefits and make natural wellness (wholeness) accessible, affordable, and transparent for all.




Aug 31, 2019 Jonathan Reilly

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