Wholesale With CBDResellers 

A CBD wholesale account with CBDResellers is the perfect way to enter your business into the booming cannabidiol (CBD) market and bring the benefits of hemp oil to your customers. As a CBDResellers wholesaler, you will have access to our entire line of industry leading products, including Pure CBD Tincture Hemp Oil, Essential Oil infused Salves and more – including sales and marketing collateral, the best bulk CBD oil products at the best CBD oil wholesale price. Our wholesale CBD products are the most well-known and trusted on the market, making a CBDResellers CBD wholesale account an excellent choice for joining the industry.

Start Selling CBD in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Fill out and submit the Registration Form Below and please upload your Resale Tax Certificate. This is automatically entered into our Database and approved by Administration.
  2. Approvals are done within 24 hours. Login to My Account, then select your products in the Shop or via the Quick Order Form for a faster ordering process. Complete your selection and go to Checkout.
  3. We Take CC, ACH, or Behalf (30 days, same as cash, no interest). Takes less than 24 hours for approval. Click submit and your order is on its way.

Welcome to the CBDResellers family 

Our elite team specializes in building relationships with companies who believe in our vision. We provide natural, top of the line CBD products to businesses which help reach the audience who can benefit from our products.